Management Portal

Your All-in-One Management Solution for Real Estate Excellence

 Simplify Your Property Management Experience:

AfriPro Estates software is the ultimate online management portal for landlords and property managers overseeing residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re renting out single-family homes, multi-family units, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, or commercial spaces, our comprehensive tool is tailored to elevate your management strategy.

 Vacancy Listing and Tenant Acquisition Made Easy:

Effortlessly post your rental vacancies to leading syndication sites such as and Airbnb. Prospective tenants can navigate the rental process smoothly, from completing an online application to paying for background checks, e-signing rental agreements, and making payments—all through the innovative AfriPro Estates portal.

 Seamless Communication and Financial Tracking:

Keep your tenants informed with lightning-fast updates via email, phone, or text. Overseeing rent collections is a breeze with our portal, which provides complete payment histories and real-time rent payment statuses at your fingertips. This transformative approach has revolutionised property management for West African homeowners.

 Empower Tenants with Self-Service Capabilities:

The tenant portal is a hub of convenience, allowing residents to make online payments, review their lease agreements, submit maintenance requests, and track pending services. For added flexibility, enable tenants to make partial payments directly through the portal.

 Automated Maintenance and Financial Oversight:

Streamline your maintenance management with an automated system for work orders and supplier payments. Customised to meet your unique requirements, the AfriPro Estates portal ensures efficient operations and satisfied tenants.

With AfriPro Estates, property management is not just about efficiency—it’s about providing a seamless, integrated experience that keeps tenants happy and your investment thriving.