Manage Finances

Revolutionise Your Property Management experience with AfriPro management software: The Ultimate Finance and Lease Organising Tool.

Whether you’re an investor, a landlord or a resident, finance is critical with property as the bills can be large and costs need to be managed efficiently and effectively. AfriPro Estates aim is for you to be successful and achieve the lowest possible running costs for your property.

Efficient Rent Collection and Financial Management:

Welcome to a world where rent collection is seamless, and financial oversight is effortless. AfriPro’s built-in accounting features allow you to receive payments on autopilot, complete with automated reminders that ensure you’re paid on time, every time.

Seamless Banking Integration:

Connect your bank or credit card accounts directly to your AfriPro portal for a streamlined transaction categorisation. Accept payments via credit card, eChecks, or ACH without incurring additional costs, making the process convenient for everyone.

Advanced Accounting at Your Fingertips:

With AfriPro, take charge of your property accounting like never before. Generate unlimited custom reports quickly, tailor your accounts, produce statements with ease, and enjoy seamless feedback. Come tax season, you’ll be ready and relaxed.

Comprehensive Lease Management:

Manage every aspect of your leasing process within a single platform. From creating leases to collecting eSignatures and securely storing vital documents, AfriPro portal software simplifies lease management to its core.

Customisable Document Templates:

Draft, upload, and store your document templates with ease. Secure eSignatures from tenants swiftly, ensuring legal compliance and tenant acknowledgement without the wait.

Autopilot for Lease Terms and Payments:

Set and forget your lease terms, including automatic charge recurrence and payment increments. Keep track of renewal dates, rent schedules, and recurring charges, all within AfriPro’s intuitive interface.

With AfriPro, landlords and owners gain not just a tool, but a partner in property portfolio management, offering a robust, integrated system that saves time, reduces errors, and enhances tenant relations.