Community Associations

Empower your community association management with a cutting-edge automation portal that puts you in control and ensures your properties easily exceed HOA standards. Our comprehensive online solution lets you remain in control.

AfriPro Estates will help you manage and administer the functions of your Home Owner Association, using its management portal, by providing technical support, administrative functions for communications and accounting, legal support and strategic policy administration. AfriPro Estates will also manage the practical issues of estate management by dealing with local authorities, contractors and other stakeholders. AfriPro is here to help HOAs to achieve all of their aims.

Purpose (Aims)

It is one thing to create an organisation that says what it will do and how it will do it, but it must always start with the why. The why is all about purpose. Why have an association in the first place? Establishing purpose, the why part, is essential to determine what it will do and how it will do it. Ask yourself the following:

What is the aim of the association? (the main goal) – articulate in a statement what it is that the association wants to achieve. Tell the world why you have set up an association. Be clear. Be specific. Make the goal measurable. It also has to be achievable. A key element is its relevance…don’t aim to achieve something you can’t achieve. If at all possible, set a timescale to achieve key milestones and objectives. In other words, make it SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). Be smart and you will achieve your aims.


“The purpose of our homeowners association (HOA) is to enhance the quality of life for all residents within our community through the maintenance, management, and improvement of common areas and amenities. We aim to uphold and enforce community standards and covenants to protect property values and promote a harmonious living environment. By fostering a sense of community and facilitating communication among homeowners, the HOA seeks to address the collective needs and interests of our members, while ensuring the sustainability and aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood for current and future generations.”

Home Owners Association Compliance Made Simple:

  • Keep your properties, tenants and residents in check with the most straightforward automated tools available, guaranteeing continuous HOA compliance.
  • Securely store critical documents with top-tier encryption and disseminate announcements instantly via our protected resident portal.
  • Automate fee collections, integrating seamlessly with any banking institution for effortless reconciliation of all financial transactions in one centralised location.

Streamlined Maintenance and Warranty Operations:

  • Efficiently handle maintenance and warranty requests and generate work orders effortlessly.
  • Our software will customise urgency levels, set deadlines, and delegate tasks to contractors, overseeing each stage to successful completion.

Proactive Resident Violation Addressing:

  • Issue HOA violation notices through a fortified resident portal, ensuring transparency with eSignature documentation and read receipts.

Effective Communication Channels:

  • Manage multiple properties, residents and tenants with the ability to send mass notifications swiftly across emails, texts, calls or tenant portals, tailored to reach everyone or specific groups.

Engagement and Efficiency:

  • Inform tenants promptly about important updates like outages or holiday hours, and even launch referral programs to fill vacancies.
  • Maintain a detailed log of all communications, providing proof of receipt to preclude disputes over unnoticed messages.

With our platform, community association management is not just about overseeing properties—it’s about creating a community that’s engaged, informed, and secure.


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