Landlords Package

Maintain Complete Control of Your Property Expenses with AfriPro Estates Landlord Package

 As a landlord, you’re familiar with the balancing act of managing costs while providing quality living spaces. The unexpected can always impact your bottom line. That’s where we come in. The AfriPro Estates Landlord Package is designed to transform uncertainty into stability. Our discounted property maintenance package serves as a safeguard against fluctuating expenses, ensuring that your property maintains its value and remains attractive to potential renters. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when you invest in the care of your property, your tenants will too. Sign up today and take the first step towards effortless property management.

Tenant Finder – Viewings – Agreements – Lettings – Rent Collection – AirBnB – House/Yard Tidy – Inventory – Condition Inspection – Deposit Holding – Exit Inspection

Landlord’s Package FACT SHEET (EN)

Landlord’s Package FACT SHEET (FR)

2 Bedroom $75/Month

3 Bedroom $85/Month

4+ Bedroom $95/Month

(Commercial TBA)


Homeowner Services Package

Simplify Your Life with AfriPro Estates Homeowner Services

Discover the joy of hassle-free homeownership with AfriPro Estates. We understand that a serene home life is a product of many elements working seamlessly behind the scenes: from ensuring your safety to maintaining the beauty of your gardens and the functionality of your home systems. That’s why we’ve crafted our Homeowner Services package to cater to busy professionals like you who value efficiency and peace of mind.

Choose your level of convenience with our two-tiered service:

Homeowner Lite: This base package covers your essential needs, providing a reliable water supply directly to your home, dedicated home security patrols, and regular trash collection services.

Light Garden Tidy – Water Supply* – Security Patrols** – Kitchen Trash Collection – Exterior Visual Inspection (Home)

Homeowner Pro: Elevate your home management with this premium package, which includes all Homeowner Lite services ++PLUS++ comprehensive garden upkeep, routine home system inspections, detailed condition reports, and proactive maintenance reporting.

All of Homeowner Lite  ++PLUS++ Full Garden Maintenance – Packaged Water Supply* – Personal Security Patrols – Full Waste Collection – Home Inspection

Homeowner Services Package FACT SHEET (EN)

Homeowner Services Package FACT SHEET (FR)

Each option is designed to keep your home running at its best, so you can focus on what matters most. Embrace the ease of modern living with AfriPro Estates – where your home’s potential is fully realised.

Homeowner Lite   $42/Month

Homeowner Pro   $90/Month

* Water – If available       ** Security – (Patrol Only)

Homeowner Maintenance Package

At AfriPro Estates, we understand that whether you’re a high-flying professional or a dedicated landlord, managing and maintaining a home’s value and functionality is a complex task. That’s why we’ve tailored our Homeowner Maintenance Packages specifically for you – so you can keep your property in peak condition while enjoying optimum returns on your investment or the joy of a well-maintained living space.

Our commitment to you goes beyond mere peace of mind; our Homeowner Maintenance Packages are a promise to preserve and enhance the value of your property. We meticulously care for every aspect of your home:

Exterior Care: House Wall Painting – House Ancilliaries Care – Walls and Fences – Footpaths and Driveways.

Interior Maintenance: Walls and Doors Painting – Fixtures and Fittings – Flooring – Structural Elements.

Homeowner Maintenance Package FACT SHEET (EN)

Homeowner Maintenance Package FACT SHEET (FR)

With AfriPro Estates, you have a partner dedicated to the fine details that make your house a home. Trust in our expertise to maintain your home’s excellence and to advise on enhancements that prevent future issues. Choose AfriPro Estates for a home that’s not just maintained but masterfully managed.

 Exterior Care Package $55/Month*

Interior Maintenance Package $45/Month*

April May June OFFER

Exterior + Interior Bundle $85/Month**

* Plus materials       ** Paid annually in advance